Acupuncture treatments use fine needles to activate and stimulate parts of the body to restore balance. Chinese medicine understands that a lack of movement known as stagnation leads to pain, swelling and poor circulation in the body. Needles are retained for appoximately 20 minutes and are gently stimulated to help activate the area. 

Chinese medicine places focus on the temperature of the body and will often combine treatments with a variety of therapies such as infrared heat lamps and moxibustion. Heat is an important element in treating and is often encouraged to continue heat application at home to support treatments.

Electroacupuncture works by placing a small current through the needles similar to a tens machine. This creates a gentle tapping sensation as the motor point of muscle activates and relaxes. 
All acupuncture treatments at Four Pillars Chinese Medicine are done to ensure minimal discomfort to ensure a space where patients can relax and enjoy the experience.

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