Emotional Health

There’s a belief in Chinese medicine that emotions have a substantial effect on our health. There is a strong correlation between a particular emotion and how the organs and body function. Treatments often focus on creating movement, supplementing certain organs and clearing heat in the body (that leads to an emotional state) that can lead to negative emotion.

Stress in people is referred to as Stagnation. When things stagnate the body becomes tight and heat may develop leading to headaches. This has a flow-on effect that can impact organ functions leading to increased digestive issues, pain and fatigue. Chinese medicine focuses on clearing stagnation to restore harmony in the body. The more we move, the happier our bodies are.

Digestion has a pivotal effect on how we feel and behave. When we don’t digest food properly our bodies can’t receive the nourishment that is vital for good energy, strong bodies, and the ability to cope with life demands. Dietary therapy can play an important step in thinking more clearly.

Chinese medicine theory suggests that fear can exhaust our Kidney energy over time. The Kidneys are often seen as the root of life energy in our bodies. A life of excess consumption, overwork, and stress can drain our Kidneys similar to the way people may develop adrenal fatigue. It is important to protect and strengthen our Kidneys to maintain vitality and strength in our bodies free from fear of the circumstances surrounding us.

Chinese medicine treatments for emotional wellbeing often combine acupuncture, herbal medicine and supplements. Your consult will include a range of questions to provide an understanding of your physical and emotional health. Lifestyle adjustments may be required to help support your treatments.

If you have any questions on how Chinese medicine can help emotional wellbeing please call or email the clinic.

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