Digestive Health

A good diet and digestive strength are important for our mental health, musculoskeletal health, brain function and reproductive health.

To treat illness, treat the center (stomach) – is a common treatment principle I regularly refer to. Poor digestion can show up in many ways that are local, specifically related to the GI tract such as bloating, reflux and irregular bowel motions. However poorly functioning digestion can lead to more systemic problems that affect our immune or circulatory system.

There are many situations in the clinic when a patient has physical pain, such as restless leg syndrome that may only get short term benefits from manual treatments. As a Chinese medicine practitioner, I often ask people if there is dizziness, muscle cramping, blurred vision or dry skin as these symptoms refer to Blood deficiency and also manifests with weaker pulses and a pale tongue.

Chinese herbal medicine is often described as being similar to a superfood. Eating right is a great way to restore health but sometimes our bodies have been chronically ill for such a long period that dietary changes alone by themselves take a long time to heal the body.

Digestion conditions is describes in Chinese medicine as having a lack of digestive strength, too much cold or heat, too much rich food or what we call Dampness or stagnation. In most cases, we suggest consuming mostly warm foods and drinks to help promote healthy digestion. Though if your tongue is dark red you may be consuming too much hot and spicy food and have problems such as GERD. It is always a good idea to consult a practitioner before making any extreme changes to your diet.

If you have any questions on how Chinese medicine can help digestion please call or email the clinic.

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